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Role of the Mass Appraiser

What is our purpose as Mass Appraisers?

To value a universe of property as of a specific date using standard appraisal methodology and procedures to arrive at a uniform result. Our first purpose is to provide equity in like properties based on sales, cost and income. Our second purpose is to establish good statistical data, median ratio, coefficient and price related difference or regression.


To discover, list, and value all property within a certain jurisdiction. Since building permit data is often incomplete, periodic inspections of property on a mass basis is necessary.

Unbiased - Property valuation is impersonal - we value the property, not the owner. Mass appraisal or any appraisal for ad val orem purposes does not consider the personal characteristics of the property owner.

Unbiased - Mass appraisers are uniquely qualified to do an excellent job of equity valuations in any district. Because we research all sales, sometimes for several years, on all properties, we can observe trends rather then setting them. With all this data at our disposal we are able to project the proper values at the completion of the contract so that your values will not be out-of-date.


  1. To give professional representation to the Assessor's Office and to the general public. Often, mass appraisers are the only contact the general public has with an Assessor's office representatives.
  2. To be knowledgeable of all appraisal guidelines and procedures affecting value and the valuation process.
  3. To provide public advertising and speakers.
  4. To document values through research, sales, notes, charts, and comparisons.
  5. To deliver and review all such documentation with the assessment officials.
  6. To involve, include, and offer training assistance to assessment personnel.
  7. To consult on specialty properties. Rarely is an assessors office staffed to handle all types of properties. As mass appraisers we view and appraise often times many more properties than most assessors this gives us the background and experience.
  8. To provide court appraisers to substantiate values.
  9. To offer competent fair and reasonable values. A valuation based on market value allows for easy and realistic comparisons between the worth of the subject property and that of similar properties.

In conclusion, our role as mass appraisers is not to set values, but rather to research, analyze and interpret data that affects market value.