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Assessor's Rights

We, the members of the National Association of Mass Appraisal, in order to insure quality appraisal projects, promote acceptable appraisal procedures, and secure the confidence of those who rely on our products; do ordain and establish the following Assessor's Bill of Rights.

The Assessor has a right to expect; and the appraisal firm has the obligation to provide:

  1. Professional character in all personnel.
  2. Respect for the interests of the client and fulfillment of those interests in a professional, efficient accurate manner.
  3. Qualified appraiser for specific assignments.
  4. Training on project procedures.
  5. Assessor involvement in analysis, research, documentation and value conclusions.
  6. A concise understanding of all contract conditions.
  7. Unbiased, factual appraisals in an objective manner.
  8. A clear understanding of the firm's abilities, past work performance and resources to complete an assignment.
  9. Training to sufficiently allow for in-house maintenance.
  10. Assistance in maintaining the work product after the project is complete.
  11. Completion of all contract obligations, professionally and accurately, without regard to personal profit or gain.
  12. Deliverance of total project and completion of contract obligations in a timely manner.
  13. Deliverance of all reference material and supporting documents utilized to complete the project.
  14. Final transmittal letter summarizing the entire project.
  15. A forum to review and render conclusions resulting from concerns of questions of alleged improprieties.